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About the WARRG

Our purpose is to develop and support a sustainable system for healthcare provider (HCP) attraction and retention that will ensure ongoing healthcare services to the community. This community driven Committee is run by a dedicated group of volunteers.

We have outlined three main objectives for WARRG:

1) Attract – Support attraction of new HCPs to positions within AHS in Wainwright

2) Recognition & Retention – Recognize and retain the current AHS HCPs in Wainwright

3) Grow – Facilitate the growth of our own citizens, providing opportunities to learn and obtain health related professions in Wainwright.

Our anticipated outcomes include but are not limited to:

1) Support citizens’ increased access to HCPs as a result of lower vacancies.

2) Increase feelings of value, happiness and engagement among HCPs in the community.

3) Position Wainwright as a desirable community for HCPs, attracting new talent to our town.

We have received funding from the Wainwright and District Community Health Foundation, the MD of Wainwright and the Town of Wainwright.

Sarah Hissett - Co-Chair, Secretary

Corrine Miller - Co-Chair, Treasurer

Robin Leighton - Co-Chair

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