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CT Scanner Project

Our Vision

To Provide Enhanced Health Care for the Area


Our Mission

To facilitate a community effort to raise $2.2 million

by 2022 for the completion of the CT Scanner Project


The Wainwright and District Community Health Foundation in partnership with the Wainwright Rotary and Bumper to Bumper have agreed to raise $2.2 million dollars to bring a full body CT Scanner to the Wainwright Health Center.  It is estimated that over 3000 area citizens will no longer have to travel for this vital diagnostic exam each year.


FInal Scanner Man.jpg

Special Delivery!

Media and Event Coverage

Committee Members

Bill Lawson; Chairperson

Bryan Perkins; Vice Chair

Sarah Hissett; Secretary

Arthur Schwentner, Dr. Bev Brilz, Bob Barss, Bob Foley, Brian Bethune, Grant Mills,

Jamie Malone, Roger Holmes, Major Hannah Luciak/Major Gerren Martin


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