2013 Heartstrings and Roses Gala

Heartstrings and Roses grosses over $70K

Heartstrings and Roses
Vaguely Vegas’ Tom Watson, (aka Sonny) and Town Councillor Vic Callaghan (aka Cher) perform “I Got Your Babe” during the Heartstrings and Roses fundraiser Feb. 9.

Posted: Tuesday, February 19, 2013
Kelly Clemmer, editor-in-chief

A night of charity, food and a bit of Vegas turned into a book for the annual Heartstrings and Roses fundraiser.
The Wainwright and District Health Foundation hosted their annual Heart Strings and Roses fundraiser, February 9 at the Elks Hall in Wainwright.
The annual event grossed in excess of $72,000 with the fundraiser itself, including numerous individual and corporate donations from $2,000 to $10,000.
Expenses are still coming in, but organizers feel that they will be a bit short on their target of $70,000.
The event’s funds are targeted on purchasing a new operating room bed and lighting package, which will improve the lighting for operations and give the doctors and nurses more options.
“We’re very happy with the event, there was a good showing of people and the food and entertainment was fantastic,” said Chair of the Health Foundation, Myron Zajic.
“Hopefully we can get the table ordered and here by this summer,” he said. “We’re really pleased with the support from the community, it’s been, and continues to be excellent. It’s huge to see those individual and corporate donors each year. We certainly appreciate those supporters.”
Zajic spoke of the need for charitable donations to make our communities stronger.
“I am sure every one of you are here tonight to support our Foundation, also for a good meal and some fine entertainment, as well as just an enjoyable Valentine’s evening out. I personally believe you are here for much more than that,” said Zajic. “I believe you are here because you care, you care about other people and you care about your fellow human beings.
“You can sum this caring up with one word: philanthropy,” he said. “There are many reasons why people give to a charity, maybe to build a family legacy, maybe to help build a community, maybe to help in research and development, or maybe for a tax deduction.
“When you invest your money in a registered charitable organization you want to see outcomes, or perhaps you need to see outcomes,” said Zajic. “This is something your Health Foundation board takes very seriously for complete accountability and transparency.”
Zajic outlined that any charity that you give to, you should know what you’re giving for, and that you should know the charity itself.
“I am very proud of our community’s sponsorship to the Wainwright and District Health Foundation since its inception in 1995, and hope you continue to use our Foundation as your charity of choice,” said Zajic. “One hundred per cent of your donations stay right here in our Wainwright Health Centre.”
Zajic said that since 1995, the Foundation have put over 1.5 million dollars worth of equipment into the Health Centre, from electric beds, to a cardiac rehab centre, to scope equipment, monitors and the list goes on.
“Like most of you, I do not consider myself a philanthropist, but just like you, I do care, I care about my family, I care about my community, and I care about the people in it.”
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